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application development


application development
Our Application Development & Integration process will guide you from the drawing board through development and integrated deployment of software solutions for your business. Oftentimes, this process involves the creation or integration with scalable enterprise level e-Business applications. Contact us today to learn more about our application development services.

Our application development process follows these key steps:

  • Design a formal project specification that takes all of your input and goals into consideration. We generally provide initial scoping at this stage to help prevent common pitfalls and developmental bottlenecks.

  • Development takes place on our staging servers until a fully functional prototype emerges.

  • Rigorous tests and Quality Control are then performed to locate and solve potential problems, and to assure enterprise level reliability and scalability.
Finally, we deploy the integrated application(s) and monitor performance. We typically provide support and/or upgrade services at this stage in order to train your organization to administrate the application(s), and to ensure that the software continues to meet your needs.

While most of the applications we develop are used in an e-Business environment, our powerful set of server tools and software libraries are not limited to this scope. What is important to realize is that we have the required experience, knowledge and resources to guide you through every step involved in the application development process.